1. Bloomer - flowering fertilizer

    Bloomer - flowering fertilizer

    Contains amino acids, algae extracts, minerals and natural plant hormones to combat High salt levels, to boost and improve the plants natural anti-fungal defences and to stimulate the natural chelating agent.
    •Betaines, protects for high salt levels (Osmoprotectant).
    •Laminarin, an algae specific glucose oligosaccharides that has been shown to have anti-fungal properties through the stimulation of phytoalexins which are the plants first line defense against fungal attack.
    •Mannitol a sugar alcohol which functions as a natural chelating agent.

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  2. Enzimax - improving nutrient absorption

    Enzimax - improving nutrient absorption

    An enzyme is a protein that catalyzes, or speeds up, a reaction. For instance, the fermentation of dead plant parts to plant nutrients.
    With the aid of Enzimax bio-catalyst, cellulose and pectin groups of dead plant parts, such as dead roots, are broken down at an accelerated rate. This releases many nutrients to the plant and is also beneficial for plant health since a lot of plant pathogenic bacteria and microbes live on dead plant material.
    The micro life also provides a certain amount of protection against disease generators.

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  3. Flomax - flowering enhancer

    Flomax - flowering enhancer

    A plant needs 3 key ingredients, water, nutrients and energy. If you combine these 3 factors together with your activated enzymes (see enzimax) in one bottle you have a booster. Because you tell the plant what to do (signal substances) and when to do it, (adding the Booster,) you give it the means to grow well, in other words, Flomax is a bloom stimulant for the final 4-6 weeks of flowering which helps (forces) the plant to its flowering stage and stimulates the direct production of sugar and flowers
    Flomax produces higher yield, stimulates blooming, directly supports the sugar production, harder cell structure, and recovers plants from stress.

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  4. Grower - growth fertilizer

    Grower - growth fertilizer

    Grower is a fertilizer based on amino acids. The basic component of living cells is proteins, with building block material and amino acids.
    Plants synthesize amino acids from the primary elements, the carbon and oxygen obtained from air, hydrogen from water in the soil, forming carbon hydrate by means of photosynthesis and combining it with the nitrogen which the plants obtain from the soil, leading to synthesis of amino acids, by collateral metabolic pathways.
    There are two ways of feeding your plants: Amino acids supplied to the plant by incorporating them into the soil, which helps in improving the micro flora of the soil thereby facilitating the assimilation of nutrients and via Amino acids supplied to the plant by foliar nutrition, both providing readymade building blocks for protein sínthesis.

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  5. Micorrizas - root absorption enhancer

    Micorrizas - root absorption enhancer

    Many plants have mycorrhizae to increase absorption of water and minerals from the soil. Mycorrhizae is the association between plant roots and the mycelium of a fungus, so that the entire length of mycelium is involved in the absorption of nutrients for the plant. Mycorrhizae is a symbiosis of fungus (Mycos) and roots (rhizos) of a plant. The plant receives from the fungus mainly mineral nutrients and water, and the fungus obtains carbohydrates and vitamins which, by himself, would be unable to synthesize, while the plant can do through photosynthesis and other internal reactions.
    Price: €13.00
  6. Reanimator - growth biostimulant

    Reanimator - growth biostimulant

    Reanimator is a special concentrated complex for professional cultivation, developed to stimulate growth and increase flowering. Its potential is based on the mix of the biostimulating power inherent in the synthesized amino acids with pharmaceutical grade, oligopeptides, elements such as humic acid, fulvic acid, humins and other natural elements of low molecular weight and rapid absorption.
    By applying Reanimator you are providing the plant cells with biologically active amino acids, allowing a saving of energy, which is used to a greater and better growth.
    Price: €13.80
  7. Rooty - enhances the formation of roots

    Rooty - enhances the formation of roots

    Rooty is a root stimulator that promotes in virtually all plants not only power root development, but also extremely high resistance and maximum performance.
    Better and faster root development.
    Enhanced acid absorption.
    Faster ion transportation.
    Price: €16.45

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